The Ascended

Enter the Players

Last night, I began the campaign I’ve been calling The Ascended. It’s been “in development” for several months and went through a few permutations, but the “final” product was in a pretty good place.

I had the characters start in a… slightly unusual manner than most adventures.
The characters began in a room, but everyone woke up to utter darkness. After a few successful perception checks, they were able to determine that they had sacks over their heads (and particularly nice ones, at that).
A high perception check allowed the players to hear a conversation taking place outside a door.
The general gist was that they were ordered to, well, kidnap this random assortment of people. The basis for kidnapping was that they were a special sort of psion, a soul psion.
They have a very valuable skill, precognition. Seeing disaster before it happens is, needless to say, a very valuable skill to have when trying to topple a corrupt government. But more on that, later, I need to introduce the heroes of this tale.

After the hoods were removed by Master of Spies and generally chipper individual, Artiph Hastaenax, we got to meet our heroes. First up is our most unique individual, Squiggles McFluff (aka Squee), a gnome druid. Her faithful companion is the puppylike velociraptor, Fuck. Up next is an Aasimar (thought she’s not aware of her parentage) rogue, the mysterious Artesia LeClair. Gilgamesh Gornax is next, and he’s a half-orc cleric with a particularly depressing backstory, and takes everything way too literally. Our next unlikely hero is the paladin, Beval Anbe. His traveling companion is a halfling sorcerer, Fisk Tumblefoot. And finally, we have a Demon Slayer Ranger, known only as Kahlo the Slayer.

And this merry band of murder-hobos has been tasked with a small, trifling task. Helping the Ayre Vanguard to oust a corrupt and oppressive government, the Aesir. The Aesir has been cracking down on divine magic users ever since the Thaumaturgic Fulmination. The Fulmination was the cataclysmic even which severed the arcane flow to this part of the globe, forcing magic energy to be “imported” using Arcacyte crystals. Anyone caught using magic without crystals will be swiftly and severely punished for using up ambient energy in Emmeria, which there is a limited amount left, supposedly.

The characters weren’t too thrilled about being kidnapped, but Artiph was able to sway them to lend their gifts to the cause. Squee was in a flea market in Hyva, when a particular box caught her eye. When she opened it, she activated a glyph which knocked her and Fuck out cold. A sleep spell knocked Artesia out when she was giving an Ayre Vanguard operative a fortune-telling. Gilgamesh fell to knock-out gas in incense while praying in a temple in Lightsguide. Bev and Fisk’s beers were spiked with a sedative. Kahlo was researching a demon at a local occult book shop, and some contact poison engineered to induce sleep knocked her out cold.

Thankfully, the players agreed to this endeavor, and then were sent out on their first task to get their feet wet. The town of Hollingsvale was celebrating their 100th anniversary, and a festival was preceding a ribbon-cutting on a new town hall. Ayre Vanguard recon teams had identified goblins and hobgoblins amassing on the plains, so Artiph tasked the players to make sure the town’s defenses were up to snuff.

The players arrived at the town, and found the gates to be very solid, and defenses stout. The captain of the guard was aware of the goblins, but a rich noble and his son (who was in charge of gate defenses) seemingly did not. During the speech the mayor (who was dubbed Corky McMead) was giving, an explosion came from the southwest, near the gate.

Goblins and hobgoblins began flooding the city, causing general chaos. Gilgamesh was able to identify the song being sung as a goblin warchant. The party encountered 3 hobgoblins in the festival grounds. The hobgoblins proved rather difficult to hit, but the group was triumphant without losing any party members.

While the heroes have a brief moment of respite, the battle for Hollingsvale is not over yet.


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