Emmeria is a country located in the southern hemisphere of Æstuin, and borders Heavenshield on it’s western border.
The capital city is Trommeslagg which located in the northeastern part of the country, south of The Wyrm, across the Razgriz Strait.
Other major cities include Hyva, Tradewinds, Truehaven, and Knightfall.


The ruling class of the county is known as the Veiviser, which is comprised of almost entirely adept magic users. Of the Veiviser, the council which governs over all is known as The Æsir.
Arcane magic sensitive individuals are seen as more important than their non-magical comrades.
Divine magic isn’t strictly outlawed, but rather viewed as taboo.
Fearing the worst following the Thaumaturgic Fulmination and the subsequent crack down on arcane magic usage, divine magic users abandoned their major city of Truehaven.
They fled west and established the Divine Nation of Heavenshield.
Though not officially recognized by The Æsir, The Ascended are a group of people existing mostly in rumor and legend for hundreds of years. They are said to have special abilities beyond that of normal humans. Of those who believe they exist, the opinion is split on if they’re abilities is feeding off the residual arcane magic of the world, or if they’ve tapped into a new power.


As a country, Emmeria has a very diverse range of climates and ecosystems.
Along the northern coast lies the Brenning Desert. So the south of the desert lies the vast and formidable mountain range, the Onde Venner Mountains, which nearly spans the entire continent.
The middle portion of the country is known as the Dvalinn Plains, and is the breadbox for the nation.
Southeast of the Dvalinn Plains lies the Vist Lowlands, a swampy, marsh area, which borders the Eboshi forest.
In the east stands the Divine Plateau, home of the former Paladin mecca, Truehaven.

Major rivers and bodies of water include Transformation Lake (in which the mysterious island known as The Masked City resides), the Ratatoskr River, Gauss River, and Laplace River.

The Wyrm

The Wyrm is located in the northeastern area of Emmeria. Formerly Odyssey Island, it is the location where the Thaumaturgic Fulmination occurred.


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