The Æsir

The Æsir is the name for the council of five who controls the government, and by extension, all of Emmeria.

The titles bestowed to the council members are given to the member when they are chosen for the council, and stripped away when they step down.

Odin: The de facto “leader” of the council. The face of the government, has final day in most of the decisions made by the Æsir.
Frigg: Oversees commerce, trading, economy, farming, press and the like
Thor: Oversees magic usage, magic regulation and enforcement, as well as Arcactye operations and distribution,
Baldur: Oversees justice system, courts, diplomats/diplomacy
Týr: Oversees the military and military operations

The Æsir’s headquarters is located in Midgard Castle, an extremely fortified bastion within the walls of Trommeslagg.
The Æsir is protected by an elite guard known as the Valkyries.

The Æsir

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