Thaumaturgic Fulmination

A hundred years ago, the capital of Emmeria was located on Odyssey Island, across the Razgriz Strait from Trommeslagg. The city was known as Marcenas, and it was built around the Arcane Fount.
This particular Arcane Fount (one of many throughout Æstuin) supplied the arcane energy needed to fuel spells and magic for Emmeria and Minegarde.
One day, an unauthorized person or persons gained access to the chamber that housed the Fount. What happened soon after came to be known as the Thaumaturgic Fulmination.

A massive explosion rocked Odyssey Island, destroying nearly a quarter of the island, and most of Marcenas. The death toll was in the hundreds of thousands, and among the dead were 3 of The Æsir. The ocean quickly advanced into the crater left, leaving the island looking like a fearsome dragon mid-roar.
The resulting change to the topography of Odyssey Island lead to it being known as The Wyrm.

While the explosion was cataclysmic, the lasting affects of the Fulmination are arguably worse. The explosion was a consequence of severing the arcane flow into this part of Æstuin. With no new arcane energy entering the country, they were operating on a limited residual amount.

The Æsir began working on how to import arcane energy, before the residual energy was used up. After finding suitable replacements for their fallen comrades, The Æsir focused their energy upon inventing a way to store arcane energy. After months of failure, they reached a breakthrough in the form of Arcacyte.

Arcacyte proved to be a suitable method of supplying arcane energy to magic users of Emmeria. In an effort to preserve the residual energy, The Æsir also developed crystals to detect unauthorized magic usage, though their process is highly guarded as to how both types of crystals are manufactured and recharged.

Along with their own means of detection, they have employed the use of bounty hunters to bring in “delinquent” magic users.

Thaumaturgic Fulmination

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