The Ascended

Rumors of individuals with seemingly superhuman powers of non-arcane and non-divine sources have existed for hundreds of years,

Although their existence is not officially recognized by The Æsir, rumors and legends of their power have slowly become accepted as fact by a majority of the population.
Tales speak of their frankly inhuman speed, precognition, and sharp eyes.

The Ascended, as they have become known as, are feared, borderline hated by some in the lands of Karaba. These people fear that the Ascended are using up the limited arcane resources left in the country.
Others love and respect the Ascended, for they believe the Ascended have tapped into a new source of magical energy.

It has become almost common knowledge that The Æsir have ordered the hunting down of possible Ascended. However, this hunt is under the guise of using magic without Arcacyte, or practice of divine magic.

The Ascended

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